Vintage Adventurer Ocean 2 Ocean Challenge

Hi All

Thanks for your time in checking out this great challenge for Kidney Health Australia and the development of the Kidney Kamper.

The Story

Rod Vintage Adventurer

On the 3rd of June 2014 my Mate Austen will be co driver with Rod Wade the owner of the Vintage Adventurer setting the record for a pre war vehicle crossing Australia and back again. The challenge is the 3rd for the Vintage Adventurer and Rod have undertaken in a 1930’s Model A Ford.

  • The First – was The Peking to Paris 2013.This mammoth endurance race traveled approximately 7620 Miles (12247 Kilometers). Check out more about this here
  • The Second – was the Ocean to Ocean Challenge from New York to Venice Beach completing the nearly 3000 mile journey in under 60 hours see more info here.
vintage_adventurer_ocean_to_oceanAusten and Rod with Model A Ford


The next challenge is to cross from Ocean To Ocean from The Gold Coast in Queensland to Perth in Western Australia and Back again. This will cover over 9000 kilometers and will be doing it in under 100 hours. This is both a test of man and machine. To read more about that check out the full report on the Ocean to Ocean Australia 2014 here

WHY THESE Challenges !

This is to raise awareness and money for the Kidney Kamper. This is the brainchild of Rod Wade and is designed for those people and their families suffering kidney problems. The idea of the kamper is to allow people to go on holiday, visit interstate family and friends for weddings etc and get away from their daily routine and worries in a fully fitted out camper that has been specially designed with dialyses equipment. PLEASE DONATE HERE


 Kidney Kamper being Fitted out

My Part

Although I don’t get to share the drivers seat in the Model A I will be joining this journey as back up crew in the follow car and a back up Driver should they require. Our job is to carry the supplies and offer support to Rod, Austen and the Model A Ford. I thoroughly look forward to this challenge and helping out a good cause in the process

o2o OZ Vito smThe Chase Car – Support Vehicle

Your Part

We don’t wont this opportunity to go to waste and want to raise awareness and money for the Kidney Foundation and in turn the Kidney Kamper.

So if you could spare a dollar or two (or More) PLEASE DONATE HERE

You can follow the updates of this journey here on The Vintage Adventurers Facebook Page or Twitter


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